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Seeking a True Account of Cinderella

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cinderellabrideEvery tale … should be a Fairy Tale

That’s my new tagline. Do you like it? I do.

I’ve been quiet for a few months, but now I’m bursting with news, on two fronts. One is that Shop and Let Die, the first book in my mystery shopping mom series is in production and will be released June 15th (at last!).

The second is that I’ve taken my cue from some other successful indie authors and begun working on a second series. While that novel won’t be out for a while yet, I have begun working on the tie-in short stories. There will be a thousand of them (yes, 1,000).

Kelly McClymer Fast Facts Kelly McClymer

Kelly is a writer, a mom, and a reading tutor for children with dyslexia. Plus, she is totally addicted to her iPad. Curse you, Steve Jobs.

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On the Way to the Wedding Roadtrip: The Wedding!

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Kelly here again (you didn’t think I’d let Jim have the fun of talking about the wedding, did you?) Thank you for hanging in with us as we reported on our roadtrip to the wedding. Apologies for taking so long to get to the main event. We’ve been sifting through pictures and memories while resuming our normal lives. We were blessed to have many pictures from friends and family to choose from, but that takes time…and space.

The trip to the wedding was worthwhile, but the wedding was… perfect from the little ribboned bell sticks to flower petals strewn along the path to the ceremony site, to the thoughtfully prepared and nervously spoken wedding vows.

One post can’t possibly do this justice, so we’re going to dedicate the next week to pictures of the wedding (including behind the scenes shots and tributes to everyone who contributed to make this event perfect in every way). One of the things about doing a wedding as inexpensively as possible is that the wedding party and families do much of the work. We have a lot of people to thank, and we’ll be thanking them in the next few posts.

But today is reserved for the Wedding ceremony.… Read the rest

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On the Way to the Wedding Roadtrip: Reports From Jim — Brick Oven Pizza and S’Mores at Chalet View Lodge

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1 day until the WEDDING!!!

I admit it was a bit of a blur; we met family at the continental breakfast while plans for the day were made. A hike was planned but my blister kept me sidelined and I seemed to have enough to keep me busy. Those who went on the hike climbed mountains and valleys for 5 hours and had a great time. My brother confided he worried a bit about keeping up but his pride wouldn’t let Kelly’s aunt outdo him!

The groom-to-be’s family kept with the casual and friends-and-family focus for the rehearsal dinner. Since most of the guests were staying at the Chalet View Lodge, they arranged for brick oven pizzas on the outside patio.

The rehearsal itself was very casual (Twenty Mile House, where the wedding would take place, was busy with another wedding). It was all the participants circled around the bride-to-be being told not to worry too much about it, it would all work out. And then on to the fun.

The hotel had an outside area with a brick oven for gourmet pizza so pizza, along with some great sides, beer, wine and mojitos were on the menu.  … Read the rest

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On the Way to the Wedding Roadtrip: Reports from Jim — The Flocking of Family and Friends

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Wedding: Two Days or Bust

I forgot to mention, the previous night, after a quick checking out of the house we headed for the hotel where the Rehearsal dinner was going to be held and where most of the family would stay (The Chalet View Lodge). In an amazing coincidence all of Kelly’s sisters, mom and we arrived within 20 minutes of each other, something we couldn’t have pulled off with months of planning. We confessed the no food situation, but promised there would be a big cookout gathering at our place the next day. We invited everyone to stop by and hang out on the deck.

Since we had not eaten all day and still had not found a grocery store we decided to see what we could find.  In a town about 15 miles away we found a tiny little store with mostly alcohol. A bit more searching turned up a small grocery store with friendly people.  It was too late to plan and have a cook out so we went next door to SubWay and ordered 5 or 6 subs and seemed to overwhelm them. I feel bad for the people that came in while we were being served.… Read the rest

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On the Way to the Wedding Roadtrip: Reports from Jim — We Arrive at the Wedding Venue

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Winding Our Way to Graeagle

It was a 5 hr trip from SF to Graeagle, where we rented a house for the wedding. We could choose to travel back on I-80 (through the Donner Pass), which we had done on the way from Reno or the back route, about same time according to Mavis (and future son-in-law Pete). We took the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (no toll in our direction-saved $5!) on 580 to 80 to Sacramento. We crossed a small bridge which cost $5 (no free lunch for us). Left SAC for 99 north to Yuba City.

The plan was to stop and get lunch, gas and groceries along this stretch. I assured Kelly we would have plenty of choices. We had none, there was nothing there.

In Yuba we stopped for gas at an ARCO that did not take credit cards (they did take debit). Decided to pass and had to wait for the guy in front of me to fill up before I could leave. Paid a bit more to gas up a few miles away but missed the Carl’s Jr where we planned to have lunch.  There would be more places  I said confidently (there weren’t) so we had “lunch” about 5 pm.… Read the rest

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The Ex Files is Available at Last!

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The Ex Files by Kelly McClymerA book walked into a bar and said…


I’m heading off for a two week drive across the country this morning. It’s going to be epic (or not, judging by how some of these grand plans have gone in the past). We have a brand new digital camera that can even take 3-D images (don’t know why, you’d have to ask the dh). We have incredibly dedicated cat sitters  installed in the house to take care of the 23 year old cat, who needs a lot of affection and reassurance. We’ve stocked the refrigerator and pantry for our cat sitters, fixed the leak under the sink, and put off tearing out the kitchen cabinets.

Before I go, I want to welcome The Ex Files into the world. Today is a day I thought would never come for a book I thought I would never finish after the chicklit genre became The Genre Which Must Not be Named.

Diana’s story was one I wanted to know the end to — but I had other books to write. Books that publishers paid me to write. So I wrote them. In a twist of irony, Simon and Schuster did — kind of — want The Ex Files.… Read the rest

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About a Wedding: Invitations Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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Do it Yourself Wedding Invitations

I’ve been meaning to share Daughter’s budget friendly wedding invitations for a while.

One of the more expensive aspects of a wedding can come in the form of the invitation, especially if you have a reception card, a stamped RSVP card, and embossing or engraving done. We’ve all received one of those invitations that seems to have been invented by the person who invented the Russian nesting dolls (you know, the big doll opens to reveal a slightly smaller doll inside, and that one opens, and so on and so forth).

Daughter has been to well over a dozen weddings in the last year and a half and so had a good idea of the variety of options open to her. After getting some friends to agree to help, she finally decided to make her own invitations.

After looking at many options online, and talking to friends who had created their own invitations, she decided they would be simple, in the colors of the wedding (gray and yellow), and that the RSVP would be done online (a savings on postage, but she needed to include a phone number and make arrangements for relatives without internet connection).… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Ella Ardent Likes How The Best Laid Wedding Plans Can Go Awry

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I goofed! I was supposed to feature Ella Ardent on the blog last Thursday and I spaced (Note: the reason I spaced is that The Ex-Files was in the last stages of being readied to release on July 15th … see the gorgeous cover my genius cover designer Kelly Pernell did in the slideshow at the top of the page…by the end of today). So the June Wedding Blitz gets a BONUS day today, as we welcome Ella Ardent to put a little sizzle in the summer!

The Best Laid Plans…

For many of us, a wedding is probably the most thoroughly planned event of our lives. There are halls to book and caterers to arrange, dresses to have fitted and tuxes to be measured, napkins to be chosen and music to be selected, vows to be revised or reviewed and prayers to be made for good weather on the day in question. There are hundreds and hundreds of decisions to be made – including the guest list – and each one of them can be the source of conflict. Weddings famously start squabbles. The smart bride plans well and plans early, making choices before anyone else in the family can get ideas, much less put them into action.… Read the rest
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June Wedding Blitz: Lilian Darcy and the Instant Wedding

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Please welcome Lilian Darcy to the blog today. Lilian has a very interesting wedding story to share with us. I know I think an Australian wedding sounds much more romantic than one in New York! Which would you prefer?

My Instant Wedding

 It happened this way:

 We met in New York City on May 23 1988, and were engaged within ten weeks. Problem was, I lived in Australia, was only in New York for a few months, and had to fly home the following week, in early August.

We agreed he would come for a visit to Australia in November, and that I’d then wind up my life and come to join him in New York as soon as I could. We planned a wedding for the following April.

Well, the nearly three-month separation was pretty hard, but we dealt with it through letters and phone calls. No email or skyping back then! A few days before he was due to fly across the Pacific, and when I’d begun the process of applying for something called the “Fiancee Visa” so that I could return to the US on a one-way airline ticket, he happened to be talking to an immigration lawyer, who told him, “Don’t touch the Fiancee Visa!Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Sharon Ihle Reveals the Wedding Bandit Known as Cake Finger

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Please welcome Sharon Ihle to the blog this week. Fittingly for the month of June, Sharon has a warning all brides must hear, so that they can make sure that someone guards the wedding cake at all times! I think I’ll take that duty at my daughter’s wedding (but don’t ask to check under my fingernails…I’ll have to refuse under the grounds I may incriminate myself).

The Saga of Cake Finger

Let this be a warning for all you brides-to-be; there is a stealthy woman out there known as ‘Cake Finger,’ and she might just surprise you by taking what we’ll call liberties with your wedding cake. (Note: this warning does not apply to brides who insist on whipped cream or non-dairy frosting.)
To those who prefer truly satisfying buttercream or even lard frosting, I strongly suggest you hire a friend or trusted family member (pick me, pick me!) to guard your wedding cake during the festivities. I’ve attended many weddings over the years and Cake Finger always manages to get a swipe of frosting before the bride and groom have the opportunity to smear it across one another’s lips.

Cake Finger has been doing this for years.… Read the rest

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