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Mary Carter Uses a Lighthouse to Illuminate a Relationship

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Please welcome Mary Carter to my blog today, for a brief reprieve from travel related blogging. But the travel tales haven’t stopped. In fact, we’re just about to get to the good part: the wedding!

Let there be light 

An empty stretch of beach as the sun rises. Waves crashing onto the rocks. Fog rolls in. Ships at sea plod their courses. In the distance, way up high, a gentle light begins to blink.

I’ve always loved lighthouses. Let’s face it. They’re romantic. They’re mysterious. They are a part of our history, they’ve saved lives, they’ve evolved. And they’re becoming extinct. When I originally pitched the idea of The Things I Do For You to my editor, the premise was: A couple decides to run a bed and breakfast. That was it. Kensington liked the idea and I signed a two-book deal. But since the B&B was the second book of the deal, I had to put it aside while I worked on my 2011 novel, The Pub Across the Pond. There is always a bit of a let down when I finish a book. A melancholy sets in. In a way I’m grieving the loss of the characters who have kept me company for the past year.… Read the rest

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The Ex Files is Available at Last!

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The Ex Files by Kelly McClymerA book walked into a bar and said…


I’m heading off for a two week drive across the country this morning. It’s going to be epic (or not, judging by how some of these grand plans have gone in the past). We have a brand new digital camera that can even take 3-D images (don’t know why, you’d have to ask the dh). We have incredibly dedicated cat sitters  installed in the house to take care of the 23 year old cat, who needs a lot of affection and reassurance. We’ve stocked the refrigerator and pantry for our cat sitters, fixed the leak under the sink, and put off tearing out the kitchen cabinets.

Before I go, I want to welcome The Ex Files into the world. Today is a day I thought would never come for a book I thought I would never finish after the chicklit genre became The Genre Which Must Not be Named.

Diana’s story was one I wanted to know the end to — but I had other books to write. Books that publishers paid me to write. So I wrote them. In a twist of irony, Simon and Schuster did — kind of — want The Ex Files.… Read the rest

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The Ex Files Arrives July 15

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So, my web guru (aka firstborn son) was supposed to put my gorgeous new cover up in the featured section yesterday. But his father spirited him away to buy a suit for his sister’s wedding instead. This is the first time he’s had a suit, ever. He’s always borrowed one of his father’s jackets to wear if he needed to be a little dressed up.

They got a great deal on a really nice gray pinstripe suit. And dinner at Pizza Hut. I love it when my guys go out and have a father-son bonding session.

Okay, back to me. The Ex Files (my blog novel-in-progress — see sidebar)  is revised, edited, formatted, and in the pipeline at Book View Cafe. It will be released on July 15th. Wooty Hooty Hoo. But, even better, I can show you the cover. If you want to be notified when it is live and ready to be purchased, sign up for my newsletter, I’ll be sending out a welcome to the e-world newsletter on the 15th.

And now: the cover:

Isn’t it pretty?

Oh, by the way, The Fairy Tale Bride just went free (everywhere, including B&N, I think).

Kelly McClymer Fast Facts Kelly McClymer

Kelly is a writer, a mom, and a reading tutor for children with dyslexia.

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