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New Cover, New Fairytale Series

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The True Story Behind The Cinderella Fairytale

I’ve been working on a new fantasy series for a few years now. The Million Word Adventure has pushed me to get it drafted, along with a few of the 1,000 short stories that will reveal the true stories behind familiar (and unfamiliar fairytales). The first story to be unveiled is “Maiden Ash,” a retelling of the Cinderella myth.


134 Maiden Ash 1600x2400 (Ebook) 10 10

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? I absolutely love it.

The story is available at a special 99 cents price for pre-order now, and will be on-sale November 15, after it has been edited, for $1.99.

Kelly McClymer Fast Facts Kelly McClymer

Kelly is a writer, a mom, and a reading tutor for children with dyslexia. Plus, she is totally addicted to her iPad. Curse you, Steve Jobs.

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June Wedding Blitz: Sharon Ihle Reveals the Wedding Bandit Known as Cake Finger

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Please welcome Sharon Ihle to the blog this week. Fittingly for the month of June, Sharon has a warning all brides must hear, so that they can make sure that someone guards the wedding cake at all times! I think I’ll take that duty at my daughter’s wedding (but don’t ask to check under my fingernails…I’ll have to refuse under the grounds I may incriminate myself).

The Saga of Cake Finger

Let this be a warning for all you brides-to-be; there is a stealthy woman out there known as ‘Cake Finger,’ and she might just surprise you by taking what we’ll call liberties with your wedding cake. (Note: this warning does not apply to brides who insist on whipped cream or non-dairy frosting.)
To those who prefer truly satisfying buttercream or even lard frosting, I strongly suggest you hire a friend or trusted family member (pick me, pick me!) to guard your wedding cake during the festivities. I’ve attended many weddings over the years and Cake Finger always manages to get a swipe of frosting before the bride and groom have the opportunity to smear it across one another’s lips.

Cake Finger has been doing this for years.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Cheryl Bolen – Wedding Gowns Weren’t Always White

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Please welcome Cheryl Bolen to the blog today, to keep the June Wedding Blitz theme going strong with a factoid about the history of the white wedding dress we now consider to be traditional.

cover image for The Bride Wore BlueThe White Wedding Gown – Tradition or Upstart Trend?

You may notice the cover of my The Bride Wore Blue. Doesn’t look much like wedding dress, does it? That’s because the flowing white lace gowns and veils didn’t make their appearance until Victorian times.

In the Regency, most brides did not have special dresses made for the wedding ceremony. Sunday best often sufficed as a wedding gown. That is not to say that white or ivory dresses were not worn. White, ivory, and pastels were appropriate attire for Regency maidens. Veils were not worn, but a turban or bonnet could be.

What of the big, elaborate weddings where all the family from all over the country attended? That didn’t happen in the Regency era, either. (The Regency is technically the period from 1811 to 1820 where the Prince of Wales served as regent when his father was mentally incapable.) Weddings were small affairs for whatever family happened to be close by.

Perhaps one reason the weddings weren’t large spectacles was because, typically, there was not a lot of time for planning, and communication was slow.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Claire Delacroix on Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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 Here to help us continue the theme of brides and weddings is Claire Delacroix, who, like me, enjoys using the bride theme for an entire series. Hers is the Bride Quest series. Check them out when you check out her take on weddings, below.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

The Beauty BrideI love weddings. I love the optimism and the flowers and the dresses and the feeling that love is in the air. I love seeing the happy couple – because invariably they are really happy – and I like the idea that they’ve decide to make a future together. I enjoy seeing yet another couple head off toward their Happily Ever After.

In a way, a marriage is a crossroads, a point at which the bride and groom embark on a new path. They’re still their parents’ children, but in beginning a life together, they might become parents themselves. They’re still the person they’ve grown up to be, but the adventures they share together will allow them to grow in new ways. They stand on the threshold between child and parent, youth and adult, individual and partner.

The magic of weddings is captured by that familiar saying: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.… Read the rest

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Boxing the 7-Legged Octopus: The Secret of Ebook Boxed Sets is…

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The Secret of Ebook Boxed Sets is…

…I have no clue.

But I’m about to find out.

Kelly McClymer Fast Facts Kelly McClymer

Kelly is a writer, a mom, and a reading tutor for children with dyslexia. Plus, she is totally addicted to her iPad. Curse you, Steve Jobs.

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Welcome to Sharon Ihle and Her Saint Patrick’s Day Gift to Readers

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Please welcome bestselling historical romance author Sharon Ihle to our blog. Fittingly (as I am the daughter of “The Duffy” and “The McCarthy”), she has brought a St. Patrick’s Day gift for everyone. To Love a Scoundrel is FREE on Amazon from March 17th-21st. How can anyone resist a tale with a Lady Pinkerton heroine? Go get it…but not before you read what her demanding hero and heroine prompted Sharon to discover about her late night writing process, with the help of a voice-activated recorder.

Secrets of the Night

To Love A Scoundrel was the third book published during my writing career. Until I began writing this book, I didn’t fully understand or even investigate what prompted my creativity. I found out big time with this novel.

Jewel, the heroine, and Brent, the hero, constantly woke me up in the middle of the night with visions of the next chapter, up to and including lines of dialogue. Trouble was, I could never remember those thoughts the next morning. I told my husband about this problem and he came up with a fix. Since he knew I was too lazy to get out of bed, go to my desk, and write my thoughts down, he bought me a tape recorder and put it on the headboard.… Read the rest

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Wedding Sale: The Fairy Tale Bride for 99 cents

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I bow to the Karmic weight of the universe.

History: The Fairy Tale Bride was listed at 99 cents for a Backlist Ebooks sale just before Christmas, and when the sale was over, I attempted to put the price back to $2.99. Amazon has (typical) kept it at 99 cents and so has B&N (not so typical). iTunes (respectfully typical) changed it when I asked them to.

Background: All e-retailers have an agreement with author/publisher that the book will not be listed elsewhere for lower than the price the publisher sets.

This seems perfectly fair until you realize that they all have their own procedures for changing the price, and that procedure includes looking to see what everyone else does. It can become a game of Price Chicken, with the poor author/publisher squashed no matter what happens.

Philosophy: When life gives you lemons, make a big pitcher of lemonade and sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

Sesame Place. We nearly lost her forever in the climbing nets.

As I’ve blathered on about quite a bit here, my daughter is getting married. This year! (Last year it seemed so far away, but now…ahh!). It hardly seems possible, as she is still so young.… Read the rest

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New Book! New Covers!!

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UPDATE: The Backlist Ebook Holiday SALE begins tomorrow. For that sale, The Fairy Tale Bride will be 99 cents. Amazon Kindle already has the new price, and Apple and B&N will have it shortly. Happy Holidays!

So, I’ve been MIA lately. Sorry about that. Too much on the plate.

Way too much.

But some of the stuff on the plate is ready for bragging rights: The 6th book in the Once Upon a Wedding series is revised, edited, formatted and uploaded!

Behold: The Impetuous Bride

Because I have the rights back to the last two books, and I only had 5 covers (the fabulous cakes, by a now retired cover artist), I had to get new covers designed.

So, behold the new covers for the books that have already been released:


The changes have been made in most of the venues (I think: it was a looong two days trying to get everything done). But some places will take longer to update. So you Apple users can still get the beautiful cake covers if you really want. And everyone else will get these gorgeous new ones.

For those who were paying attention: I had 7 new covers made.… Read the rest

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Vanessa Kelly — How to Turn a Bad Girl Very, Very Good

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Welcome to Vanessa Kelly, a historical romance writer extraordinaire. Vanessa is going to answer some of my questions for her about crafting the perfect bad girl heroine.
My Favorite Countess features a — to say the least – strong and independent woman (my favorite kind). Bathsheba (love the name) has many of the qualities of a good historical romance hero (determination, no time for thoughts of love, and a willingness to do anything she needs in order to get what she wants). Very different
from the more traditional Regency heroine. How challenging was it to write such a strong heroine?
Kelly, thanks for having me on the blog, and thank you for asking such interesting questions!  You’re absolutely right to point out that Bathsheba has many of the qualities of a good romance hero, since my starting point for the book was thinking about how many bad boys are reformed in romance novels.  I wondered why there were so few reformed bad girls (that’s a whole ‘nother blog!), and then decided it would be fun to take on that challenge.  Much to my surprise, Bathsheba was very easy to write.  She’d been dogging me for a few books, even when she was a character off stage.  … Read the rest
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