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June Wedding Blitz: Lucy Kevin and The Wedding Gift

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Please welcome author Lucy Kevin to the blog this week. Lucy’s focus in her books is on the support staff that make a wedding go smoothly

The Wedding GiftWe’re so used to seeing the wedding from the perspective of the bride and groom, I thought it would be fun to explore the wedding drama from the point of view of the people who plan it.  Namely the wedding coordinator (The Wedding Kiss – coming Winter 2012), the dress maker (The Wedding Dress – Coming Fall 2012), the caterer (The Wedding Gift), the florist (The Wedding Dance) and the music director (The Wedding Song – coming July 2012).

That’s why it seemed appropriate to name my new series set at a premiere San Francisco wedding venue: Four Weddings and a Fiasco. Every wedding story has at least one debacle, whether it’s invitation misprints or a dress arriving in the wrong size or catering mixing up the delivery times.

At my wedding, we had a surprise birthday cake for my father. (It was his 60th birthday.) The only place big enough to hide his enormous cake was in the oven. I must have told everyone a hundred times not to turn on the oven!… Read the rest

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