Once Upon a Wedding Ebook Boxed Sets

Once Upon a Wedding series is now in BARGAIN ebook boxed sets

Once Upon a Wedding (Books 1-4) Available at Amazon, iBooks, and B&N

Set against the glittering backdrop of Victorian high society, four romantic tales featuring the unconventional Fensters by acclaimed romance author Kelly McClymer…
The Fairy Tale Bride
A disastrous London season convinces Miranda Fenster that happily ever after is for other people. But when an attempt to help her star-crossed brother goes awry, she finds herself married to the Duke of Kerstone. Can the hopeless romantic Miranda prove to her impeccably proper husband that fairy tales really do come true?
The Star-Crossed Bride
Ever a gentleman, Viscount Valentine Fenster steps aside when the woman he loves, Lady Emily Wertherly chooses another man. When he discovers Emily’s fiance is a fortune-hunting murderer, Valentine tosses caution—and decorum—to the wind to save her. But he’ll have to move fast since the headstrong and highly-imaginative Emily is intent on saving herself…
The Unintended Bride
Shy Hero Fenster loves two things—books and Arthur Watterly. But Arthur, the heir to a dukedom and pledged to another since birth, is the one thing she can never have—that is until the quest for a rare Arthurian manuscript and a night of passion in a bookshop change everything.
The Infamous Bride
Notorious flirt Juliet Fenster enjoys the delights of the London season far too much to consider settling down—particularly with a stuffy American like Romeo “RJ” Hopkins. But when the unlikely pair are cast in an amateur production of Romeo and Juliet, they find themselves doing far more than “playing” at love…

Once Upon a Wedding (Books 5-7) Available at Amazon, iBooks, and B&N

Set against the glittering backdrop of Victorian high society, the rugged American west, and an Ireland struggling for independence, three romantic tales featuring the unconventional Fensters by acclaimed romance author Kelly McClymer…
The Next Best Bride
Helena Fenster is hardly in a position to argue when her impetuous twin Rosaline gets cold feet and persuades the possibly-in-a-delicate-condition Helena to take her place at the altar with the impossibly-committed-to-the-life-of-a-rake Rand Mallon, Earl of Dalby. Helena could almost find herself happy to be wedded to the wickedly charming reprobate who encourages her artistic heart even as he stirs her passions…if only he hadn’t made her promise not to fall in love with him…
The Impetuous Bride
Rosaline Fenster escaped one wedding, leaving her fiance to marry her twin while she pursued adventure in the American South. But now her work on the Underground Railroad has the slave catchers hot on her trail and the only safe haven seems to be in the wagon train of wagon master Rob Lewis. Only trouble is, Rob doesn’t take unmarried single women on his train.
The Twelfth Night Bride
Kate Fenster, the youngest sibling of the unconventional Fenster clan, doesn’t accept the suit of Sean McCarthy, Earl of Blarney easily. Instead, she makes the silver-tongued earl prove himself, and his devotion, to her. Abandoned on her wedding night, when Sean must return to Ireland to rescue his younger sister from trouble, Kate finds herself a virgin bride with only her husband’s letters to keep her company at night. When a letter arrives, asking for a divorce, Kate knows what she must do: go to Ireland and face the man who promised her everything and left her with a nothing but a broken heart.

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Kelly McClymer Fast Facts Kelly McClymer

Kelly is a writer, a mom, and a reading tutor for children with dyslexia. Plus, she is totally addicted to her iPad. Curse you, Steve Jobs.

8 comments on “Once Upon a Wedding Ebook Boxed Sets
  1. Jill Halbert says:

    I’m always looking for free e-books at Barnes and Noble.com & picked up “The Fairy Tale Bride” and absolutely fell in love with the book. I will be happy to pay for the other books in the series if they are even half as good. Great job! and keep writing..really enjoyed it!

  2. Amanda Jones says:


    I’ve read all the Once Upon a Wedding books. I love them! I was wondering if you had considered writing another story for Betsy and perhaps Bridget?


  3. Melissa says:

    Yes please. A story for Bridgett and Betsy!

  4. I love that people want to know what happens to Bridget and Betsy. I have the first 1/3 of Betsy’s story written, but I’m working on a secret shopper mystery series right now, so it will have to wait until next year.

  5. Rene Cole says:

    I really want to read a story to find out what happens to Bridget and Jamie! Hope you write a really amazing story! Loved this series!

  6. Cristina says:

    What happened with Bridget and Jamie? When do we get their story?

  7. One day I hope to tell their story. Neither of them have insisted yet (that’s usually how I decide what to work on next — insistent characters :-)

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