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June Bride Blitz — A Month of Books with Brides and Weddings!

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Welcome to the June Bride Blitz. To honor the craziness that colors the days counting down until my daughter’s wedding in August, I’ll be using June to showcase books with weddings and brides for those who are dreaming of weddings, planning weddings, attending weddings, being attendants…you get the idea. The selections range from very erotic to very sweet to time travel to historical. Even a few escaped brides to round out the list. Something for everyone, in other words. And each book comes with a real wedding story or fact from the author.

Follow me on Pinterest to see the June Wedding Blitz Pinterest Board — complete with a recommendation of a wedding related item from Amazon that suits each author’s tale (also in the widget on the sidebar to the right).

And don’t forget, that you can always get one of my Once Upon a Wedding books, too, if you’re in the mood for a good Victorian historical romance featuring unconventional brides and heroes who are a bit doubtful about the whole happily-ever-after thing. Everything goes to a good cause — a family gathering to celebrate a young couple making the ultimate commitment to happily-ever-after! Don’t forget — The Fairy Tale Bride is sale priced at 99 cents!Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Shirley Jump and The Bride Wore Chocolate

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June is the month of brides and weddings. My own daughter won’t be married until August, but even so, we are thinking of little but weddings and such this month. So I decided to put together a special June Wedding Blitz series of guest blogs — authors who have featured weddings or brides in their bok themes. Stay tuned for a month of wedding fun.

And now, without further ado…

Please welcome guest author Shirley Jump to the blog. Shirley is going to kick off the June Wedding Blitz month on the blog with a recipe, a funny story, and a little taste of her newly re-released contemporary romance. Enjoy! (But don’t blame me if you overindulge in chocolate after you do).

cover of the bride wore chocolate

Shirley Jump and a Recipe for a Delicious Wedding

I love weddings. I’m one of those suckers who cries at weddings, even for people I don’t know. I watch wedding movies, wedding commercials and even those wedding reality shows. I root for the taffeta ball gown to get chosen on “Say Yes to the Dress” and drive by bridal stores wishing I had an excuse to try on a few dresses (maybe I can talk DH into a second wedding ;-).Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Claire Delacroix on Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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 Here to help us continue the theme of brides and weddings is Claire Delacroix, who, like me, enjoys using the bride theme for an entire series. Hers is the Bride Quest series. Check them out when you check out her take on weddings, below.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

The Beauty BrideI love weddings. I love the optimism and the flowers and the dresses and the feeling that love is in the air. I love seeing the happy couple – because invariably they are really happy – and I like the idea that they’ve decide to make a future together. I enjoy seeing yet another couple head off toward their Happily Ever After.

In a way, a marriage is a crossroads, a point at which the bride and groom embark on a new path. They’re still their parents’ children, but in beginning a life together, they might become parents themselves. They’re still the person they’ve grown up to be, but the adventures they share together will allow them to grow in new ways. They stand on the threshold between child and parent, youth and adult, individual and partner.

The magic of weddings is captured by that familiar saying: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Gown

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Shirley Hailstock used to work in a bridal shop, so who better to give a few tips on the right — and wrong — wedding gown choices? Please welcome Shirley to tell her story as the June Wedding Blitz continues.

cover for the right wedding gownThe Right Wedding Gown

Finding the right wedding gown is like wearing the sorting hat from the first Harry Potter novel.  The gown finds the bride, not the other way around.

I used to work in a bridal shop.  It was great to see brides come through the door with the glow of a bright and united future with the man of their choice ahead of them.  It didn’t matter what age they were, the glow was there.  Some came in with an idea of the dress they wanted in their mind.  That may not have been what they ultimately walked down the aisle wearing.

Every woman dreams of her wedding from the time she’s a small child playing dress-up.  Many brides-to-be come through the door of the shop carrying a photo from a bridal magazine in hand, but once they get in the dressing room and sort through several try-ons, they come out, stand on the pedestal before the three walls of mirror and know that this is the one. … Read the rest

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About a Wedding: The Wedding (A Butterscotch Jones Mystery)

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Please welcome Melanie Jackson to the blog this week. In honor of About a Wedding, my posts about my daughter’s upcoming wedding, I thought Melanie’s story fit right into ours. We’re blending a big noisy family (my daughter’s) with a small quiet family (my future son-in-law’s). East Coast with West Coast. Mostly Irish American with half Thai. It’s going to be an interesting couple of days. I can’t wait.

the wedding a butterscotch jones mystery How to Symbolize the Joining of Two Families? Cake, of course.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. When it was time to have the heroine of the Butterscotch Jones Mysteries series to get married (in The Wedding ) it seemed right that her nuptials should be a community affair with many hands hopefully making for light work. Of course, not everything went according to plan. Nothing ever does in McIntyre’s Gulch. Plans were under way for the festivities when the groom got called away on a dangerous case. Butterscotch was sure she could cope on her own but, as the saying goes, man plans and the gods laugh. They laugh twice as hard at frantic brides.

My own wedding was a homegrown affair– my mom made the dress, my grandma grew the wedding flowers and my mother-in-law made the cake.Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Patricia McLinn Talks Unusual Wedding Bouquets

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Today on the Blitz we have author Patricia McLinn talking about the bride’s bouquet. Please welcome her with some comments about your own dream wedding bouquet (even if you didn’t use it for your own wedding because it was too expensive, far-fetched, or impractical). Should I admit I don’t remember my own bouquet? I had a simple wedding and was so far from a Bridezilla…except for insisting that everyone got married on Sunday until I was finally convinced otherwise by facts…. I was far more focused on the marriage part, and the family that gathered to celebrate.

A bride’s bouquet is as individual and distinctive a choice as the wedding dress – and the groom.

But in ALMOST A BRIDE, the bride isn’t thinking of bouquet or dress. Matty Brennan is thinking about cattle and fence line. The only reason Matty has asked childhood sweetheart Dave Currick to marry her is as a last-ditch ploy to save her family’s Wyoming ranch.

Dave knows Matty’s up to something. No idea what, but if she needs help he’ll never turn his back on her.

As for her abrupt, outrageous proposal of marriage, there’s no way she’ll go through with it.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Cheryl Bolen – Wedding Gowns Weren’t Always White

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Please welcome Cheryl Bolen to the blog today, to keep the June Wedding Blitz theme going strong with a factoid about the history of the white wedding dress we now consider to be traditional.

cover image for The Bride Wore BlueThe White Wedding Gown – Tradition or Upstart Trend?

You may notice the cover of my The Bride Wore Blue. Doesn’t look much like wedding dress, does it? That’s because the flowing white lace gowns and veils didn’t make their appearance until Victorian times.

In the Regency, most brides did not have special dresses made for the wedding ceremony. Sunday best often sufficed as a wedding gown. That is not to say that white or ivory dresses were not worn. White, ivory, and pastels were appropriate attire for Regency maidens. Veils were not worn, but a turban or bonnet could be.

What of the big, elaborate weddings where all the family from all over the country attended? That didn’t happen in the Regency era, either. (The Regency is technically the period from 1811 to 1820 where the Prince of Wales served as regent when his father was mentally incapable.) Weddings were small affairs for whatever family happened to be close by.

Perhaps one reason the weddings weren’t large spectacles was because, typically, there was not a lot of time for planning, and communication was slow.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Jillian Dodd on Planning A Wedding with a Wedding Board

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Please welcome author Jillian Dodd to the blog today. Jillian planned out her character’s wedding on a wedding board. Sounds like a perfect application for Pinterest these days, doesn’t it? Since I’m someone who isn’t all that visual, I can see how useful this would be, whether planning a wedding, or planning a book. Not to mention fun!

cover for that wedding
Using Pinterest to Plan a Wedding … or a Book

In my new book, That Wedding, I had a blast planning out an entire wedding for the characters in my series. Because the book was about their engagement and wedding and she would be planning the wedding throughout the book, I had to actually plan out every detail. From the perfect dress to their wedding gifts to each other, all the little details are sprinkled throughout the story of their life.

In the first book of the series, That Boy, you follow the characters growth from age 10 until age 22. Knowing my readers would be invested in having the perfect wedding for these two, I immersed myself in online wedding sites, bridal magazines, and wedding shows.  I had a lot of basic details picked out then went to a sorority sister/wedding planner friend of mine and said I need help.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Lisa Mondello on quirky weddings

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Please welcome guest author Lisa Mondello to the June Wedding Blitz series. Lisa is personally acquainted with the weather disasters that can threaten to ruin a bride’s day. But, never fear, family prevailed and the day was a success despite the weather. That’s the kind of wedding story I like to hear.

the marriage contractA funny thing happened… by Lisa Mondello

You’ve probably heard a million stories of wedding snafus before.  I certainly have my share of them between the weddings I’ve attended.  Take my sister’s wedding. She and my brother-in-law got married in a tiny chapel by the lake.  It was quaint and beautiful and was just big enough for my Italian family and his Portuguese family to fit in. It really was the perfect venue for a country wedding.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t the normal vestibule at the front of the church, or better yet, a bride’s room, because just as the car with the bride and all the bridesmaids pulled up to the church, it poured!  And I mean POURED!

Well, of course, we were all concerned for the bride.  After curling hair, doing makeup and slipping into the perfect dress, no one wanted her to look like a drowned rat as she walked down the aisle to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.… Read the rest

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June Wedding Blitz: Sharon Ihle Reveals the Wedding Bandit Known as Cake Finger

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Please welcome Sharon Ihle to the blog this week. Fittingly for the month of June, Sharon has a warning all brides must hear, so that they can make sure that someone guards the wedding cake at all times! I think I’ll take that duty at my daughter’s wedding (but don’t ask to check under my fingernails…I’ll have to refuse under the grounds I may incriminate myself).

The Saga of Cake Finger

Let this be a warning for all you brides-to-be; there is a stealthy woman out there known as ‘Cake Finger,’ and she might just surprise you by taking what we’ll call liberties with your wedding cake. (Note: this warning does not apply to brides who insist on whipped cream or non-dairy frosting.)
To those who prefer truly satisfying buttercream or even lard frosting, I strongly suggest you hire a friend or trusted family member (pick me, pick me!) to guard your wedding cake during the festivities. I’ve attended many weddings over the years and Cake Finger always manages to get a swipe of frosting before the bride and groom have the opportunity to smear it across one another’s lips.

Cake Finger has been doing this for years.… Read the rest

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